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Need last minute gift ideas for the special lady in your life this Christmas?

 Here are top 10 ideas women recommended in a survey:

1. Plan a day just for you and her 

Write her a card expressing how much she means to you. At the end, tell her that her Christmas present is a full day spent just the two of you. Prepare breakfast for her in the morning. Take her to the movies, go putt-putting, take a walk, ride bikes, go to an arcade or bowling. At night, take her to her favorite restaurant (don’t forget to make reservations!) Make sure you buy her favorite flowers. She will be thrilled to spend a whole day with you. Your gift will be her expression when she reads what you have planned!

2. A quick getaway vacation

This may not seem like a “last minute” gift, but it is easy to find inexpensive prices for a bed and breakfast online. It does not have to be an extravagant getaway. It just gives you two a chance to change things up. Find a place in the mountains, by the beach, or another town close by. For those with kids this could be the perfect gift to spend a weekend alone with just the two of you.

 3.  Jewelry 

It does not have to be expensive to impress her. Make it a more personal gift by buying a locket with a picture of you and her inside. Alex and Ani or Pandora bracelets make for a fabulous and inexpensive gift. It allows you to custom make each charm or bracelet to fit her.

 4. Spa gift certificates 

Every girl loves to be pampered. There is nothing like getting a manicure and pedicure, or a fresh color and cut. Make it possible for her to treat herself for a day.

5. Concert tickets 

Whether it is local or in another city-this could be a fun outing for the both of you to let loose for a night.

6. A picture framed of you two

Frame your favorite picture of the two of you and write a letter on the back of why it is your favorite memory (guarantee she will eat it up.)

7. Make her favorite dinner

Bring out the fine china and dress to impress! Make a candle light dinner with wine to set a romantic mood. Rent a movie to seal the deal.

8. Give her a massage

Instead of buying her a gift certificate to get a massage, make it special and give it to her yourself! Prepare a place for her to lie down, buy some soothing lotion, and dim the lights to enhance her relaxation. Preferred time: thirty minutes to an hour.

9. Perfume

Every girl has that one scent they just can’t live without. She will appreciate a restock, especially if you write a sweet letter telling her every time you smell this scent it reminds you of her.

10. A shopping spree

Sometimes this is where men get stuck when shopping for her. They may not know what kind of shoes she would wear most, or if she would prefer a dress or a nice top. Make it easy on yourself and take a day where you take her shopping and allow her to pick out her own outfit! This makes it easier for you and you are guaranteed she will get exactly what she wants.