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The Golden Ratio exists throughout nature. It affects the way we view at the world around us, and the way we view each other. On our faces, eyebrows are what provide us the structure and balance with our other features. For two years, artist Colin Stuart has been harnessing the power of the Golden Ratio to create the perfect brows for his clients with a technique called Microblading, developed by PhiBrows.


Microblading involves using a tool to draw individual hairs within the brows to add shape and fullness. “The tool I use to Microblade doesn’t go very deep in the skin. Because of that, I can get a more precise line and the final result is natural. delicate. and elegant; unlike tattooed brows of the past.” Colin explains. The unique ink Colin uses for microblading doesn’t contain any metals, which has allowed him to cater to a wide range of clients, including those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

“The day I woke up without my brows and eyelashes I felt invisible,” remembers one of Colin’s clients, Amy. “For six months, I lived with a paper jam in my printer because I couldn’t muster up the energy for the 5 minutes it would have taken to fix it…there was no way I was going to draw on my own eyebrows every morning.”

After hearing Amy’s experience, Colin knew he had to use his talents in any way he could to make a positive change in her day-to-day life. After finishing Amy’s brows, and seeing the difference it made both physically and emotionally, he decided to start a charity called Brows4Gals. Brows4 Gals focuses specifically on providing microblading services at no cost for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


With each patient, Colin measures different aspects of the face and draws a frame for where the brows should be. By using the Golden Ratio to create perfectly balanced brows, they’ll look natural for each individual client. “No matter who you are, your brow shape will be only yours, because I form the brows based on the shape of your face.”

If you, or someone you know, would like more information on microblading, including service options and pricing, please contact Colin Stuart at 904-755-5595.

If you’d like to contribute to Brows4Gals, you can also contact Colin about donation opportunities to help provide microblading services for more cancer patients.