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hairtalk Extensions: Faster, Affordable and Reusable

Walking through the Premier Orlando Hair Show, MAC extension specialist Tiffney Brewer was on a mission to find a new extension product to offer clients at a highly competitive price point, much faster application time, and that is reusable for multiple wears. hairtalk, a small company out of California, is the leading innovator of tape-in technology for hair extensions. They make longer, luxurious hair accessible for a wider variety of clients in less time.

hairtalk is disrupting the extension world by offering an ultra-thin adhesive system that is easier and faster to apply than fusion extensions. hairtalk uses human hair that can be washed, curled, straightened, blow-dried, dyed and more. This is “hair you can live in.”

Their hair options include:  

  1. All-over hair transformation. Pieces are applied individually around the head, for long-term wear.
    1. Perfect for someone looking to change their hair style, length and/or volume for an extended period of time.
  2. Hairware for top of head.
    1. Perfect for clients who have very thin hair or who are experiencing hair-loss on the crown of their head.
  3. Temporary hairbands
    1. Perfect for the client who is looking to add instant volume and length. These clip-in, clip out temporary pieces are ideal for a special event, evening out or daily wear. Hairbands can be reused many times with proper care.
  4. Colormelts
    1. With 14 colour options, these are perfect for the client who wants to make their look edgier. With an array of fashion and natural colour combinations, each client is sure to find the look that suits them best.

hairtalk Colormelt Hair Extensions

As MAC’s extensions specialist, Tiffney Brewer has years of experience in blending colour and hair. She has selected hairtalk as MAC’s new extension product because of their quality and convenience. The tape-in technology makes it possible for Tiffney to complete an all-over hair transformation in an hour or less. With fusion-bond extensions, this type of appointment could take 3-8 hours.

Tiffney is “Most excited about hairtalk extensions because they are more convenient for the client without sacrificing any of the quality we offer at MAC. I can install extensions for a whole head of hair in about an hour which means my clients don’t have to spend an entire day in my chair.”

She went on to explain that hairtalk also offers a wide variety of products that make extensions accessible for more clientele. For example, women with hair loss or thinning hair on their crown don’t have to worry about the bond between the extension piece and the hair being visible with hairtalk‘s hairpiece.

“hairtalk has a wide variety of options, allowing people who may not have been a good fit for extensions before to feel confident in their new hair.”

hairtalk Hair Extensions

Please visit our website for more information, or call to schedule your consultation with extension specialist Tiffney Brewer. You can also visit hairtalk’s website here.

hairtalk Hair Extensions

hairtalk Hair Extensions

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